2024-2025 Season

This FAQ will give you some background and basic information about the registration process.

Online registration allows individuals to register directly with USA Hockey at The USA Hockey fee and Affiliate fees, if applicable, are paid online with a credit card. The USA Hockey Waiver of Liability, Concussion Acknowledgement and SafeSport Policies Acknowledgement are completed during registration. A confirmation email is sent to the member immediately after the online registration. The member should keep or print the confirmation number to provide to the local program in order to complete the registration process.

All participants must complete the USA Hockey registration process prior to participation in a USA Hockey sanctioned event. Participant registration is complete when the individual member registration information and all appropriate fees are received, and the participant is processed by a USA Hockey member program.

The USA Hockey registration fees for the 2024-25 season can be found online at   Affiliate fees, if applicable, are charged at the time of registration. Affiliate fees are set by the Affiliate or state that you are participating in for the season.

Online registration will accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Cards. Credit or debit cards can be used. A Visa gift card can be purchased if no credit/debit card is available.

The confirmation number is a series of 9 numbers and 5 letters. It is different for each person, each season. The confirmation number is included in the email sent immediately after registration.

Each person/parent needs to be responsible for processing their own registration or their child’s registration. The adult participant registering or the parent of a youth participant must be present to acknowledge the USA Hockey Waiver of Liability, Concussion Acknowledgement and SafeSport Policies Acknowledgement. If they are not present, you will have to process and complete a paper Waiver of Liability and Acknowledgement form.

We strongly encourage all programs to have coaches process their own individual registration. If your program pays for a coach registration, you can reimburse the coach during the season. By having your coaches complete their own registration online, they will be acknowledging the waivers and each coach will have his/her confirmation page. The coach will need this confirmation page to access the SafeSport Training, Screening, Coaching Education and if they go to another program to participate as a player.

Just because someone has a confirmation page and has paid the USA Hockey and Affiliate fee does not obligate the program to accept him/her. The following statement appears on the confirmation page: “This receipt does not guarantee your membership in any local program or placement on a team.”

The confirmation page is available to print at the time of registration and emailed to you immediately following the registration process. A duplicate can be requested online at on the home screen. To request a duplicate confirmation you need to enter first name, last name, date of birth and zip code that you registered with in order to print the confirmation page.

USA Hockey does not require the program to keep a copy of the confirmation page. It is only needed for the program to process the confirmation number into the Local Program Registry.

Follow these steps for online registration:

Inform your members about online registration

  • Via your newsletter, website, program mailings….however you communicate.

  • Let them know that online registration is available beginning April 1, 2019.

  • Tell them to go to

  • Be sure to inform them of any applicable Affiliate fee.

  • Let them know what to do with their confirmation number…. Mail or email to program, bring to a registration event or enter on program’s website.

Be sure to request access to the USAH Registry for 2024-25
(This process will begin in April)

  • Transmit Confirmation numbers through the Registry by entering, scanning or importing.

Kim Folsom

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USA Hockey

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Manager, Member Services

USA Hockey

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For program website integration information, contact:

Chris Smith

Manager, Network and Security

USA Hockey

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